Books by Josh Conviser

EMPYRE by Josh Conviser
Released: Oct. 30, 2007

"Hyperspeed high-tech froth, sometimes exciting but about as involving as watching Godzilla slug it out with King Kong."
Previously, in Echelon (2006), agents Ryan Laing and Sarah Peters managed to destroy the ultra-secret surveillance, command and control network by which means the United States arranged world affairs to suit its own interests. Read full book review >
ECHELON by Josh Conviser
Released: July 18, 2006

"Packing a punch—though marred by avague backdrop, disorganized structure, explanations that break up action sequences, strained prose—Conviser's debut makes deft use of technological issues and developments. A sequel is promised."
Near-future struggle for control of the world—a honeypot for the hi-tech conspiracy-theory crowd. Read full book review >