Books by Joyce Spizer

Released: Feb. 1, 1998

Insurance investigator Camellia Walker has an ex-son (hit and run), an ex-husband (adultery), an ex-mother (cancer), and now an ex-father, an Orange County cop who ate his gun on a lonely beach road. But Mel can't believe that Det. William (T-Bone) Walker, who swore he'd take care of her after her mother died, would kill himself the same week as Det. David Frasier did, and she can't believe her father was involved in a scheme to sell the cocaine the Harbour Pointe Police Department had confiscated from the real bad guys. If T-Bone wasn't dealing the department's coke, though, where did his sudden financial security come from? And why would a bunch of gang-bangersbeginning with the two lowlifes who mugged Mel on her visit to the family's crowded gravesitekeep harassing her with phone calls that insist, ``Mel had a daddy cop, he was white as snow, and everywhere that Mel went, the cop was sure to go''? Circling the wagons with her closest friendsT-Bone's old partner Xavier Ramirez, her own partner Johnnie Blake, and promising romantic interest Lucas DonovanMel sets out to uncover the evidence that will tell her whether her father was really white as snow, or simply dealing snow. Real-life shamus Spizer's bumpy debut is long on cop lore and spunk, short on compelling secondary characters. Maybe now that she's got Mel and friends established, she'll fill in some suspects next time. Read full book review >