Books by Judith Freeman

THE LATTER DAYS by Judith Freeman
Released: June 7, 2016

"A poignant, searching memoir of self-discovery."
A novelist's account of her early life growing up Mormon in Utah and the family memories she kept hidden from herself. Read full book review >
RED WATER by Judith Freeman
Released: Jan. 1, 2001

"A sobering tale of women abused by a man and a faith that demanded total obedience. Still, lacking Lee's own testimony, the ghastly event is only partially explained. Freeman (A Desert of Pure Feeling, 1996, etc.), a former Mormon herself, has done better."
A subtle and powerful, if incomplete, indictment of a man and a sect as three wives recall their husband, the Mormon leader executed for his role in the notorious 1857 Mountain Meadow Massacre, where emigrants from Arkansas were murdered by Mormons and their Native American allies. Read full book review >
Released: May 6, 1996

"The burdens of the past provide the narrative logic in this powerful fiction, another chapter in Freeman's unique literature of apostasy."
Freeman (Set for Life, 1991, etc.), seamlessly moving backward and forward in time, weaves together a series of episodes from her narrator's life in this careful, if sometimes overly serious, third novel. Read full book review >
SET FOR LIFE by Judith Freeman
Released: Oct. 21, 1991

"Freeman has built toward the climax so carefully that its great surge of emotion seems the most natural thing on earth; once again, her unsentimental celebration of simple goodness marks her as a writer to be treasured."
As it did in her first novel (The Chinchilla Farm, 1989), the power of love works again for Freeman's leads, an old man and a teenager, both at odds with their families. Read full book review >