Books by Judy Watson

Birthday Cakes and Baby Jesus at Gramma's House by Judy Watson
Released: Aug. 22, 2015

"An enthusiastic holiday book for young readers that encourages moral growth and family values."
In Watson's (Shooting Stars and Satellites at Gramma's House, 2015, etc.) children's book, two boys recount holidays spent with Gramma. Read full book review >
THE MIDDLE SHEEP by Frances Watts
Released: Aug. 1, 2010

Oh, the curse of being the only child—not adorable like the baby and not smart like the older sibling! Invisible, that's how Marvelous Maud, sheep sidekick to only-child, newly selected superhero Extraordinary Ernie, feels. Maud decides to adopt a sidekick of her own. Turns out being a sidekick is no job for a middle kitten, bunny, tortoise, horse, goldfish, duckling or mouse, so Maud decides to hold a contest. Along the way, she enjoys hearing the travails of all the middle critters, but she does not notice when Ernie feels left out of the discussion. When the Baxter Branch of the Superheroes Society meets, Ernie's ennui becomes obvious. Valiant Vera (the bravest and fastest superhero) throws down the gauntlet and bans the argumentative aces until they can work together. Decorated with frequent humorous black-and-white illustrations of winsome animals and adults in leotards, this offering is just right for readers ready for the challenge of a chapter book. Sibling conflict, animals and superheroes are all high on the interest level of young readers, making this a series to watch. (Fiction. 7-9)Read full book review >