Books by Julia Hoban

WILLOW by Julia Hoban
Released: March 1, 2009

"However, Willow's acknowledgment of the cause of her grief—that she'll never be anyone's daughter again—is a sharp insight, and Hoban's appropriately complex portrayal of cutting makes this a good choice on a crucial subject. (Fiction. YA)"
Diluted by an expository and inconsistent narrative voice, this standard-issue problem novel will nonetheless appeal to readers interested in the topic of self-harm. Read full book review >
ACTING NORMAL by Julia Hoban
Released: May 31, 1998

"A familiar, unembellished first-person narration makes this a comfortable read for its audience, and Stephanie is worthy of compassion in her efforts to heal an old injury. (Fiction. 12-15)"
Hoban (Buzby, 1990, etc.) creates her first novel from the contemporary headline issue of repressed memory. Read full book review >
QUICK CHICK by Julia Hoban

After Cute Chick, Sweet Chick, and Good Chick are hatched, it looks as if the occupant of the last egg must be Slow Chick. Read full book review >