Books by Julia Moore

WHILE YOU SLEEP by Julia Moore
Released: June 1, 1996

Simple two-word and three-word lines compose this rhythmic lullaby aimed at the very youngest listener. ``Oh, baby, while you sleep . . ./breezes sweep/rivers rush/crickets hush/bears tumble/bees bumble/ . . . nestlings peep/all while you sleep.'' Moore's first book is a pleasure to read aloud, and even parents who find reading difficult will quickly settle into the words. Gilbert mixes European and African landscape images, all of them cozy, in soft pictures that seem bathed in twilight. The clearly outlined animal figures—bears, zebras, hummingbirds, and lions—are easy to see and to identify, even from a distance—ideal for lapsitting programs in libraries. (Picture book. 1-3) Read full book review >