Books by Julie Lawson

GHOSTS OF THE <i>TITANIC</i> by Julie Lawson
Released: April 1, 2012

"An exciting and capable introduction to the always-fascinating tale. (Paranormal suspense. 8-12)"
Twelve-year-old Kevin, the class clown, may be fascinated by the Titanic disaster, but he doesn't expect to go back in time and live through the shipwreck. Read full book review >
THE KLONDIKE CAT by Julie Lawson
Released: Oct. 1, 2002

"A lengthy historical note includes a synopsis of the actual history of the territory and era addressed in the story. (Picture book 5-9)"
There are many ways to make your fortune, as a boy and his father serendipitously find when they relocate to the Klondike wilderness during the gold rush. Read full book review >
BEAR ON THE TRAIN by Julie Lawson
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

"When the bear lumbers off the train come spring, shuffling into the wild without a look back, all seems quite right with the world. (Picture book. 3-8)"
The story line is simple: A bear gets on a train in late autumn, drawn by the smell of grain in its hoppers, and after a prolonged snack takes a prolonged snooze in the bowels of the hopper as the train crisscrosses the continent until springtime. Read full book review >
DANGER GAME by Julie Lawson
Released: April 1, 1996

"Expertly told. (Fiction. 11-15)"
Tragedy narrowly misses three troubled teenagers as they help one another in a melodramatic tale from the author of Dragon's Pearl (1993). Read full book review >
THE DRAGON'S PEARL by Julie Lawson
Released: March 22, 1993

"A well-told tale, effectively celebrating the benevolent Chinese dragon and set in splendid format. (Picture book. 4-10)"
In her first US publication, Canadian Lawson draws on Chinese motifs for a gentle tale with the cadence and flavor of folklore. Read full book review >