Books by Juliet Marillier

THE CALLER by Juliet Marillier
Released: Sept. 9, 2014

"Medieval fantasy with a strong female lead and a definitive ending: That's enough to keep plenty of readers happy. (map) (Historical fantasy. 13 & up)"
The third and final entry in the Shadowfell trilogy delivers exactly what readers want without feeling either easy or obvious. Read full book review >
RAVEN FLIGHT by Juliet Marillier
Released: July 9, 2013

"Marillier's many fans will be pleased to see the threads continue to unroll and will eagerly anticipate the battle to come. (map) (Historical fantasy. 13 & up)"
The second volume of Marillier's Dark Ages fantasy picks up right where the first (Shadowfell, 2012) left off. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 11, 2012

"Proper fantasy, balanced between epic and personal; this promises to be an engrossing series, with intimations of bigger things ahead. (Historical fantasy. 13 & up)"
In an alternate ancient British Isles, an intrepid heroine may save the kingdom from its wicked ruler. Read full book review >
CYBELE’S SECRET by Juliet Marillier
Released: Sept. 9, 2008

"However, despite these weaknesses, genuine emotion and Paula's alluring love story create a memorable page-turner. (Romanian glossary, not seen) (Fantasy. 11-14)"
Bewitching despite flaws, this companion to Wildwood Dancing (2007) picks up six years later. Read full book review >
WILDWOOD DANCING by Juliet Marillier
Released: Jan. 23, 2007

"However, the consuming gothic love of Tati and Sorrow, and Jena's burdened but intoxicating relationship with her own slow-to-show true love, will sweep romance fans away. (author's note, glossary, pronunciation guide) (Fantasy. 10-14)"
Two Grimm's tales, a Transylvanian forest and purple prose combine in an entrancing rush of romance. Read full book review >
FOXMASK by Juliet Marillier
Released: Aug. 1, 2004

"Slow-moving, but emotionally charged."
Sequel to Marillier's Wolfskin (2000), following the children of the previous novel's main characters. Read full book review >
WOLFSKIN by Juliet Marillier
Released: July 1, 2003

"Strong stuff, all gristle: Not a soft or sappy word."
The New Zealander folklorist completed her historical fantasy the Sevenwaters Trilogy with Child of the Prophecy (2002), set amidst conflict between Vikings and Picts in the Light Isles of Orkney. Read full book review >
DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST by Juliet Marillier
Released: May 1, 2000

"In distant England, meanwhile, Sorcha's mission seems more impossible than ever—and there'll be many complications before matters are resolved in traditional style."
This, the first of a projected fantasy trilogy from newcomer Marillier, reworks and embroiders the fairy tale of the brothers who are transformed into swans by their evil stepmother; they can be returned to human form only by the agonizing labors of their young sister. Read full book review >