Books by Jung-Hee Spetter

BYE, BYE! by Nancy Kaufmann
Released: Aug. 15, 2003

Piggy has a hard time saying goodbye to his father on the first day of school, but then he finds that the day is over much too soon. A tender-hearted father cannot bear the pleas of his child to stay and play for a while. Even when all the other parents have hugged and comforted their children, Piggy asks his father to stay for just a bit longer, enticing him with just one more story, a swing through the air, and a cuddle. When the teacher lets Piggy's father know that it is time to go, it is uncertain whether it is father or child who needs the nudge. Strong washes of color and simple figures illustrate a school that's filled with a menagerie of happy animals. Few words on each page and a large font make this perfect for lap reading or small group sharing. A good choice for first-day jitters, whether for parents or children. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
JUST A MINUTE! by Anke Kranendonk
Released: April 30, 1998

In a familiar situation, a child seeks his mother's attention. "Not right now, dear. In just a minute," she replies. The family in question is a pig family; the mother hangs laundry, waters plants, peels potatoes, and so on until she is finally ready. She finds that her small charge has wrecked the house, a process readers have witnessed. She calls him and calls him, and finds him in the tub, overflowing and causing a ceiling leak. "I'll be done in just a minute," he says, a line meant to turn the tables. Preschoolers may appreciate this the first time through, but the acts of destruction and disruption of the little pig will have adults shaking their heads. Worse yet, it looks as if the child is going to get away with it. A one-joke book that falters between the premise and the punch line. (Picture book. 4-6) Read full book review >