Books by Karen Lynn William

A BEACH TAIL by Karen Lynn William
Released: Feb. 20, 2010

While Greg and his dad enjoy a beach day, Dad sets two rules: "Don't go in the water / and don't leave Sandy," a lion Greg has drawn in the sand. As the little boy continues drawing the lion's tail, he discovers myriad items along the shore. Williams's rhythmic, onomatopoeic Swish-swoosh of the waves and the clear, descriptive text transport readers into Greg's experiences, which range from spotting a "gooey purple jellyfish" to watching a "tiny ghost crab / scurry sideways into his dark, round hole." Cooper's mastery with pastels results in a grainy, sun-washed effect that conjures a hot seaside day. Most stunning are the endearing, intimate close-ups of Greg immersed in artistic play. Children will relate to his adventure, which pivots on the moment he realizes he has lost sight of his dad. But a winning combination of good memory and self-reliance lead to a most satisfactory ending. Scoop up this tale for its strength as a unique beach story and for its warm portrayal of an African-American son and father enjoying the outdoors. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >