Books by Karen Roosa

Released: April 1, 2009

This happy-go-lucky story provides the flavors, sounds and colors of a splendid day out while depicting a time-honored tradition. At a parade with her parents, Pippa, a grinning little girl, is barely tall enough to reach her daddy's knee, but luckily she has a front-row view. The marching band booms by and the onomatopoeic text enlivens the rhythm, "Clapping hands! / Clappity-clap. / Band is coming! / Tippity-tap." As each section of the parade passes by Pippa is enchanted by the many instruments, which include trumpets, trombones and drums. First the gymnasts flip past, then the ten-foot-tall man on stilts. All to the same clipped rhythm, the family goes on to share pizza, popcorn, candy apples and cotton candy. Fortenberry's rippling illustrations, at once serenely indistinct and lovingly detailed, combine misty, milky hues with thick, robust pastels, presenting a celebration of excitement and indulgence that can only be fully appreciated in childhood. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
BEACH DAY by Karen Roosa
Released: March 19, 2001

It is a land and waterscape that reaches right down into our primordial souls—the beach, here given full iconic treatment. Using scant couplets to convey the most elemental pleasures of a day at the beach, and enticingly depicted in Smith's watercolors, this will call up memories of any reader who has spent time on the ocean's shore. From that first rush down the dunes and onto the strand—"Waves roar, / Rush, and soar! / Rolling, crashing / To the shore"—to the tramp back out—"Sun-warmed skin, contented grin"—it is an experience unlike any other and Roosa's got it just right. Sandcastles, swimming, softball, snoozing. Pictured details entice: kicking off one's shoes, chasing sand crabs, enjoying trays of yummy lunch. "Noon light / Shimmers bright / In the distance, / Hot and white." Appetite and taste take on a special edge, and then the hit of post-lunch languor: "Waves lapping/ Babies napping / On the water / Sails are snapping." Good stuff, simple and viscerally transporting, the waft of salt strong from the page. Over too soon. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >