Books by Karin Fossum

KARIN FOSSUM is the author of many novels and two collec-tions of short stories. Her crime novels featuring Inspector Sejer have been translated into sixteen languages. She lives in Oslo.

HELL FIRE  by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 30, 2016

"Fossum traces the parallels between the mothers and sons so patiently, precisely, and compassionately that even fans who know all too well what's bound to happen when their paths converge will be shocked into fresh grief themselves."
Inspector Konrad Sejer investigates an apparently pointless double murder while the interspersed flashbacks that make up the greater part of this sad tale show the victims inching ever closer to a remorseless fate. Read full book review >
THE DROWNED BOY by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 4, 2015

"Minimalist but compelling work from the author who seems to have inherited the late Ruth Rendell's gift of spinning the darkest complications out of what might seem like nothing at all."
Norway's Inspector Konrad Sejer, back from his hiatus (I Can See in the Dark, 2014, etc.) and feeling his mortality more acutely than ever, leads the inquiry into the death of a toddler with Down syndrome.Read full book review >
I CAN SEE IN THE DARK by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 12, 2014

"Despite a conclusion as unsatisfying as it is inevitable, a chilling portrait of a dead-eyed devil whose self-excusing mantra is 'If I only had a woman!'"
Fossum gives Inspector Konrad Sejer (Eva's Eye, 2013, etc.) a sabbatical so she can plumb the depths of a sociopathic nurse without a corrective moral counterpart.Read full book review >
EVA'S EYE by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 6, 2013

"Originally published in Norway in 1995, this tour de force doesn't have the remorseless wall-to-wall creepiness of Sejer's most chilling cases (The Caller, 2012, etc.). But it's more than a worthy introduction to one of Norway's leading cops for newcomers and a treasure for fans."
Inspector Sejer's first case. Read full book review >
THE CALLER by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 14, 2012

"As in Ruth Rendell's books as Barbara Vine, readers are invited to watch helplessly as things go from bad to much, much worse for an unlucky group of basically nice people. If that's your pleasure, you could hardly do better."
Inspector Konrad Sejer's latest quarry is a prankster whose pranks are callous, cruel and ultimately lethal. Read full book review >
BAD INTENTIONS by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 9, 2011

"Sejer's questioning, the diary, an accident at Jon's funeral, a kitten Reilly rescues from the woods—they all pave the way for a climax with strong echoes of Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale."
Norway's Inspector Konrad Sejer is less an agent or character than a brooding presence in this slim, penetrating tale of a falling-out among conspirators. Read full book review >
BROKEN by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 1, 2010

"A chamber play for two characters whose moralizing is amplified by a running debate over the nature of fiction and its vicissitudes. The result is slender but haunting."
The creator of Inspector Konrad Sejer (The Water's Edge, 2009, etc.) constructs a simple, excruciating test of an unassuming hero's claim to be a good person. Read full book review >
THE WATER’S EDGE by Karin Fossum
Released: Aug. 4, 2009

"You've read this story dozens of times, but Fossum (Black Seconds, 2008, etc.) introduces you to characters you've never met before."
Inspector Konrad Sejer confronts yet another criminal who preys on young children. Read full book review >
BLACK SECONDS by Karin Fossum
Released: July 1, 2008

"Less original than Sejer's four other cases to have appeared in English translation (The Indian Bride, 2007, etc.), but it's equally sensitive and compassionate in its handling of the troubled souls on both sides of the law."
Chief Inspector Konrad Sejer heads an increasingly desperate search for a schoolgirl missing from her Norwegian suburb. Read full book review >
THE INDIAN BRIDE by Karin Fossum
Released: July 1, 2007

"The most traditional of Sejer's four translated cases leaves plenty of room for resonant ambiguities that are still proliferating as the net finally closes."
Inspector Konrad Sejer closes the book on a love story that began with unlikely romance and ended with horrific violence. Read full book review >
Released: July 3, 2006

"Fossum's characters are as thin-skinned as anatomy charts. It's no wonder she knows things about them no one else has ever seen—except for the Devil who holds a candle to them."
Where does Fossum get her macabre ideas? In his third case, Inspector Konrad Sejer (He Who Fears the Wolf, 2005, etc.) searches his Norwegian town for a missing delinquent who's being kept right under his nose. Read full book review >
Released: July 6, 2005

"Less mystifying than Sejer's English-language debut (Don't Look Back, 2004), but memorably creepy in its portrayal of a violently mismatched pair of misfits."
Norway's Chief Inspector Konrad Sejer hunts a bank robber who's taken a murder suspect hostage. Read full book review >
DON’T LOOK BACK by Karin Fossum
Released: March 1, 2004

"Top-drawer evidence that a practiced hand can still ring memorably creepy changes on the classic whodunit."
Murder strikes a placid Norwegian village in this deceptively understated novel, the first of veteran Fossum's to appear in the US. Read full book review >