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THE CHEETAH CHASE by Karin McQuillan
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

Jazz Jasper (Elephants' Graveyard, 1993) hasn't had a client for her Kenyan safaris in two months, but she's not exactly idle: She's hunting down whoever left a deadly Saharan scorpion in the loo to sting her friend and host Nick Hunter, a journalist who'd retreated to a private preserve among the Samburu. Seeing no way to get directly at any of the suspects—Nick's sister Viv Porter, a grasping boutique owner; her husband, Roger, a ``facilitator'' of deals among Kenya's rich and powerful; William Mutani, a wealthy, powerful restaurateur who says he was just passing through Nick's preserve; and Mutani's flirtatious friend, Gerry Weller, a front man for Kenarabia Oil—Jazz flies with Nick's widow, Wynn, to a Samburu village that might have been the source of the big story Nick had hinted he was chasing. But their plane goes down in the bush, plunging them into an enthralling series of adventures and putting detective work on the back burner as they try to save a baby cheetah from being smuggled out of the country by a Saudi princess, outrun the hirelings her sheikh sends after them, and make their way back to the kind of civilization that's always dreaming up new ways to steal money (an ingenious cover for large- scale traffic in pelts) and kill people (a final surprise about Nick's fatal sting). As usual, Jazz makes a blundering but appealing detective whose investigation is wrapped, like Godiva chocolate, around a sumptuous tour of sub-Saharan Kenya. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1993

Impassioned defense of Kenyan wildlife from second-novelist McQuillan, whose heroine, Jazz Jasper (Deadly Safari, 1990), now calls on longtime friend Emmet Laird, champion of the Save the Elephant cause, only to find him dead at his camp in the African bush, while his estranged wife Alicia and her latest lover Greg waffle about what they're doing at the site. Elephant-and-baboon researcher Mikki, Emmet's married lover and Jazz's good friend, hires Jazz to investigate, and she soon discovers: a rift between Emmet and his son from his first marriage and his daughter from his second; poachers slaughtering elephants; a wealthy Japanese slavering over ivory tusks; and a will that left nominal sums to all save Mikki, who was left a bundle. Meanwhile, Nairobi inspector Omondi is methodically chasing red herrings, while Jazz fends off machetes, rifle butts, rope burns, and imminent death by enforced drowning before she sets a trap for Emmet's murderer.... Unforgettable depictions of elephant slaughter, baboon mating habits, etc. An intelligent, at times lyrical, African adventure, told from a moderate feminist perspective. Read full book review >