Books by Kate Aver

JOEY'S WAY by Kate Aver
Released: Sept. 30, 1992

Variations on a simple theme: each season, when Gramp and Grandma take Joey (five) and her older brother and sister on an outing, Joey's approach to their activities is unique. Instead of pretty leaves, she collects acorns that later attract squirrels; while Beth and Sam pick wildflowers, Joey gazes at them, preparing to draw her bouquet; at the beach, she collects bits of colored glass that later make a lovely display in a jar of water. Each time, Beth and Sam tease her, only to realize that Joey's results are special. Newcomer Aver doesn't so much develop as restate the idea in her brief chapters, but she has a good feel for children's dialogue and concerns. Illustrations not seen. (Fiction/Young reader. 6-8) Read full book review >