Books by Kate O’Brien

THE ANTE-ROOM by Kate O’Brien
Released: April 15, 2001

"Guilt-drenched and death-driven, the confessional tale does reflect (in O'Brien's words) 'the sharp and prudish eyes of Irish society in the 1880s.'"
The second novel by the Irish-born O'Brien (1897-1974 ) is set in her native country before the turn of the century, and concerns a prosperous provincial Catholic family on a deathwatch for its matriarch. Read full book review >
TALK OF ANGELS by Kate O’Brien
Released: June 27, 1997

"Passive and impressionable Mary is sometimes a frustrating heroine, but O'Brien writes with a striking grace and acuity that illuminate not only the landscape of but the complexity of the people living in it. (Film rights to Miramax)"
The skilled prose of Irish author O'Brien (18971974) transmutes the material of a conventional coming-of-age tale (``banned in Ireland in 1936 for its frank depiction of lesbianism'') into a rich, absorbing study of character and culture. Read full book review >