Books by Katherine Frank

Released: April 15, 2012

"Frank wisely leaves the minutia of spotting duplication in their works to Defoe scholars while she focuses on the values and beliefs of the two men. Knox came out to be the better of the two, and his little-known story deserves reading."
Alexander Selkirk's ordeal as a castaway may have seeded the plot for Robinson Crusoe, but Daniel Defoe's tale is a clear reflection of his own life's struggles. Read full book review >
INDIRA by Katherine Frank
Released: Aug. 1, 2001

"The intimacy established in Indira's early years is washed away by snippets of journalism toward the end, leaving this account somewhat unbalanced. Still, this is a rewarding study for Westerners curious about the Nehru dynasty and independent India's tumultuous political history."
The tale of modern India's mightiest matriarch and most controversial Prime Minister. Read full book review >
A PASSAGE TO EGYPT by Katherine Frank
Released: Aug. 26, 1994

"A memorable story that will challenge images of the 19th century as a sepia-toned world inhabited by static women."
This absorbing account follows a remarkable 19th-century Englishwoman from her London childhood to her final years in Upper Egypt, where she shed many of her European trappings to become Noor ala Noor (Light from the Light), author and healer. Read full book review >