Books by Katherine John

MURDER OF A DEAD MAN by Katherine John
Released: Jan. 7, 1997

"John's goriest but least impressive work to date."
Third in a series featuring Inspector Trevor Joseph of the Serious Crimes Squad, his truculent buddy Peter Collins, and their colleagues in an English seaside town (Six Foot Under, p. 564, etc.). Read full book review >
SIX FOOT UNDER by Katherine John
Released: May 17, 1996

"A curious mixture of the vivid and the unlikely, weighed down by clumsy and often redundant prose."
Sergeant Trevor Joseph, a clinically depressed survivor of injuries inflicted in Without Trace (1995), is morosely engaging in art therapy at Compton Castle, a medieval pile that's been used as a psychiatric hospital since Victorian times. Read full book review >
WITHOUT TRACE by Katherine John
Released: Aug. 14, 1995

"The answers, when they come, may strain credibility, but the author offers a tension-filled, sometimes harrowing, stylishly written, roller-coaster ride of a story."
A surprisingly sophisticated first novel set in the English seaside town where young marrieds Tim and Daisy Sherringham, both doctors, work at General Hospital for the National Health Service. Read full book review >