Books by Katherine Sturtevant

THE BROTHERS STORY by Katherine Sturtevant
Released: Nov. 10, 2009

"Inclusion of a few ribald period verses and Kit's mildly racy sexual encounters mark this solid, engrossing effort for a teen audience. (Historical fiction. 12 & up)"
Vividly set against the frigid backdrop of one of the coldest winters England ever experienced, in 1683-84, Sturtevant's tale presents a fully realized character in Kit, an impoverished 15-year-old determined to find a better life, even though it means leaving behind Christopher, his dependent, mentally disabled identical twin. Read full book review >
Released: May 8, 2006

"Yet the desire to find meaningful work, to love and be loved and to balance autonomy and attachment have remained constant, and readers will root for the lively heroine to find her way. (Fiction. 12-15)"
Set in the early 1680s in London, this beautifully detailed, authentically voiced, first-person narrative centers on 16-year-old Meg, a girl who longs to do something outrageous for a woman in her time period—write. Read full book review >
AT THE SIGN OF THE STAR by Katherine Sturtevant
Released: Oct. 16, 2000

"Oddly, in a book for kids, the books listed in the afterword are all adult books. (Fiction. 10-14)"
Although its feminist message is a bit heavy-handed, this novel, set in 1677, is an engaging and fun story about 12-year-old Meg, the only surviving child of London bookseller Miles Moore. Read full book review >