Books by Kati Nawrocki

POOKIE'S SNOW DAY by Kati  Nawrocki
by Kati Nawrocki, developed by Gutpela, illustrated by Kati Nawrocki
Released: April 11, 2012

"Short, simple, sweet and stimulating. (iPad storybook app. 18 mos.-5)"
Pookie makes his way across the changing landscape in the hope that he can get home before cold weather sets in. The plot, it seems, lies in helping the wee hedgehog get home safely and without too much discomfort. Readers are asked to help him find food, chart his course across a flowing river and dress him in warm clothes. There are a few other tasks most preschoolers will delight in, including making snowflakes appear, popping them and helping a tree shed its leaves. Take away the Tamagotchi-like busywork, however, and eight pages could easily be reduced to two. In addition to the story itself, though, there's a bonus that at first glance looks like a run-of-the-mill paint feature. But upon further examination, readers will find a unique storyboard interface. Backgrounds can be changed, and objects from the story can be imported and scaled. Additionally, if kids want to add their own artistic flair to the composition, they can paint directly on a superimposed layer that can be discarded without trashing anything else. Second- and third-generation iPad users have another nifty option: taking a photo and using it as a (nonscalable) backdrop. Completed creations can be saved, exported to Facebook or emailed. Read full book review >