Books by Kay Cassidy

Released: April 13, 2010

Jess Parker, ace cheerleader, just wants to be invisible. On the last day of her crummy sophomore year, though, she receives an invitation to join the Cinderella Society. The Cindys promise Jess a place to fit in, tips to becoming self-confident and, most importantly, a makeover. These Cindys, however, are more Gallagher Girls than fairy-tale princesses. They're on a mission of international proportions to protect the balance of power between the Reggies (regular kids) from the Wickeds (mean girls), and Jess has been tapped as their next leader. Jess believes in the Cindy mission but often finds it to be stifling in its constant cheerfulness. Plot holes abound, including hints about Jess's unhappy family life, which are never resolved. More space is dedicated to clothing descriptions than to the plot, even though the first-person point of view ensures that readers will learn more about the Cindys as Jess spends more time with them. Jess's up-and-down romance is interesting to follow, but, like the other supporting characters, her love interest doesn't have much dimension. Sequel to come in Spring 2011. (Fiction. 12 & up)Read full book review >