Books by Kay Sather

MINNIE by Annie M.G. Schmidt
by Annie M.G. Schmidt, translated by Lance Salway, illustrated by Kay Sather
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

Winner of numerous prizes (including the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award), Schmidt has concocted a marvelous meditation on the meaning of being human—written from a distinctly feline point of view. Poor Tibbs is a super-shy newspaper reporter about to be fired from his job because he seems able to write only about cats. Then he meets Miss Minnie, an unusual young woman prone to darting up trees, rooting through the trash for fish bones, and slipping her head under his hand in order to be stroked. It seems that Miss Minnie is a cat; or was one, until she ate tainted trash from a biochemical research lab. Now she's a cat trapped in a woman's body, and she must navigate the tricky terrain between the world of humans and that of felines. Since she still speaks ``cattish,'' she is able to hook up with all the town's cats and thus provide Tibbs with the kind of inside scoop that sets his editor beaming. But then she uncovers a very nasty story about one of the town's most prominent citizens. Will Tibbs risk his newfound stature at the newspaper to print a story substantiated only by cats? And will Miss Minnie ever return to her feline origins? And does she even want to? The answers to all these questions are to be found in this fanciful yet substantial book that is sure to become a classic. The ho-hum illustrations can't detract from its sheer delight. (Fiction. 8+) Read full book review >