Books by K.C. Constantine

Released: Aug. 22, 2002

"It's the human comedy done to a turn: mystery lite, to be sure, but the nuances are true, the satire deft, and the pitch-perfect dialogue alone worth the price."
Missing from the 17th installment in Constantine's wondrous saga (Grievance, 2000, etc.) of Rocksburg, Pennsylvania, is the kind of singular hero like the Homeric Mario Balzic or the endearing Rugs Carlucci that hauls readers in and keeps them there wire to wire. Read full book review >
GRIEVANCE by K.C. Constantine
Released: June 13, 2000

"Fans will take it to their hearts, and newcomers to the series will end as fans."
BLOOD MUD by K.C. Constantine
Released: April 7, 1999

"This is Constantine at the top of his world-class game (Brushback, 1998, etc.), with dialogue to cherish as his hero contends with two intricate cases—the mystery behind a robbery-murder and the even more complex mystery of Mario Balzic."
Mario Balzic, chief emeritus of the Rocksburg (Pa.) Read full book review >
BRUSHBACK by K.C. Constantine
Released: March 12, 1998

Bobby Blasco was a star athlete in high school and went on to still greater success in pro baseball—even had a brief but remarkable stint in the majors—but he never had so many fans as now, when he's been found in an alley with his head bashed in by a Ted Williamsmodel Louisville Slugger. Read full book review >
FAMILY VALUES by K.C. Constantine
Released: March 6, 1997

"All too true for him, though not for his lucky readers."
Great news for Mario Balzic's many fans: The retired police chief of Rocksburg, Pa. Read full book review >
GOOD SONS by K.C. Constantine
Released: Feb. 7, 1996

"With crimes and cops and chitchat like these, you may hardly miss Balzic."
Everybody's who's been worried ever since Police Chief Mario Balzic retired from the Rocksburg, Pa., force (Cranks and Shadows, 1995)—and nobody's been more worried than Det. Sgt. Read full book review >
CRANKS AND SHADOWS by K.C. Constantine
Released: Feb. 1, 1995

"No mystery, but a memorable curtain call for its lovable hero: Balzic's Last Bow, spun out of a seamless skein of irresistible conversations."
Time was when series detectives just faded away, usually because their creators had died. Read full book review >
BOTTOM LINER BLUES by K.C. Constantine
Released: May 1, 1993

"Dialogue par excellence, and saloon philosophers aplenty, but a failure as a mystery: Do the crimes perpetrated on writers by public libraries build a plot or merely a soapbox?"
A tenth appearance for Rocksburg, Pennsylvania, police chief Mario Balzic (Sunshine Enemies, 1990, etc.)—who, here, has three problems on his hands: a woman has gotten it into her head that her husband wants to beat up his girlfriend's new boyfriend; Mario's lonely wife, Ruthie, says she'd like to dissolve their marriage contract and start all over—with Mario talking to her instead of yelling; and Myushkin, a broke Russian-American writer, is brandishing a gun and forcing Mario to listen to his diatribe against libraries that rip him off ``in direct violation of the Fifth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments''—a diatribe against library inequities that goes on for the better part of a hundred pages. Read full book review >