Books by Ken Heyman

THE BABY BOOK by Ann Morris
by Ann Morris, photographed by Ken Heyman
Released: Dec. 1, 1995

"The photographs (not by Heyman but from various collections) are rather arbitrary, and Morris has written a text in doggerel, marred by forced rhymes, poor grammar, and misinformation. (Picture books/nonfiction. 2-6)"
Morris (Weddings, p. 1114, etc.) and her longtime collaborator, Heyman, join for three books that look at basic human relationships in the new The World's Family series. Read full book review >
WORLD ENOUGH by Ken Heyman
Released: March 1, 1976

"Some ringing summit oratory complemented by empathic photographs."
Like Family (1965), a showpiece pairing of Ken Heyman's Family-of-Man photographs (over 180) and Mead's world view which could deflect us, at least for a time, from global disaster. Read full book review >

"For those seeking to renew that earlier revelation, the new Family may well speak."
A deluxe volume combining the text of the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead and the photographer who worked with her in Bali and Mexico makes a bid for the market of The Family of Man. Read full book review >