Books by Ken Roberts

Released: Aug. 1, 2009

In a hamlet on the coast of British Columbia that is reachable only by air or boat, 12-year-old Thumb is known among the 143 other villagers as the one who plays a trick on newcomers. Along with neighbor Susan, also 12, Thumb finds their lives seem very humdrum compared to those portrayed in the films flown in weekly. Unable to accept the dull routine, Thumb and Susan decide to look for bad guys on the theory that, as universal as they are in film, there must be some around. Adventures that ensue are humorous with a manufactured, slightly scary edge. The arrival of a new teacher who is both weird and enthusiastic adds to the mix-ups. The unusual isolation of the entire village combines with the depth of knowledge its residents have about their neighbors to enhance the underlying sense of safety at the same time it intensifies the danger. Entertaining for children who've moved beyond early readers and want some thrills but who are not ready for too much complexity or fright. (Mystery. 8-12) Read full book review >