Books by Kerry Tucker

DEATH ECHO by Kerry Tucker
Released: June 16, 1993

"Messy complications—it's really a juicy secret—are hoarded until the very last minute; not even engaging Libby can overcome the resulting imbalance between leisurely sleuthing and suddenly torrential returns."
After a visit to her long-distance boyfriend Dan Sikora back in Ohio, photojournalist Libby Kincaid (Still Waters, Cold Feet) promises Dan's old girlfriend Pam Bates that she'll return to investigate her stepmother Lydia Butcher's sudden strange behavior—refusing to leave her house, spending hardly any of her money—in exchange for an exclusive interview with Lydia's reclusive, newly famous sister Mavis Skye Nihiser, 80-something author of homespun bestseller The Tree of Life. Read full book review >
COLD FEET by Kerry Tucker
Released: April 8, 1992

"Despite a so-so mystery, Libby's even more appealing in her hometown than out in the sticks (Still Waters, 1991); Tucker's light touch with urban angst makes this a treat."
N.Y.C. photographer Libby Kincaid's good news—her on-again-off- again father Max has just won a million-dollar lottery—is overshadowed by her bad news—she's arrested for complicity in the snakebite murder of tap-dancing great Hank Monsell, supposedly killed by a legless accomplice of ill-tempered snake-keeper/tap-dancer Silver Gaines, whom Libby had spent the afternoon photographing. Read full book review >