Books by Kimberly K. Jones

THE GENIE SCHEME by Kimberly K. Jones
Released: March 10, 2009

Twelve-year-old Janna is fed up with the constant struggle to get by on her mom's paltry income. Disenchanted with secondhand clothes and thrift stores, Janna is ready for change. That change, however, springs from an unlikely source. It comes not from her dream of winning the lottery but evolves out of Janna's impulsive act of generosity toward an elderly bag lady. The curmudgeonly geriatric turns out to be a thousands-of-years-old genie with an attitude, jaded by the excesses of human greed. Not your usual tween offering, Jones's tale delves into the perils of homelessness, the poverty of lives filled with monetary wealth but lacking substance and the necessity of effecting a positive change. What makes this tale palatable despite its weighty moral is readers' ability to relate to Janna. Spunky and slightly self-absorbed, Janna wishes first for a closet full of the newest fashions. Under the gruff tutelage of the genie, Janna eventually recognizes the interconnectedness among all people. What Janna chooses to do with her wishes will keep readers engaged until the tale's satisfying conclusion. (Fantasy. 8-12)Read full book review >
SAND DOLLAR SUMMER by Kimberly K. Jones
Released: June 1, 2006

The secure, suburban life that 12-year-old Lise is accustomed to abruptly moves into a forced hiatus after her single mom is seriously injured in a car accident and in need of long-term recuperation. Instead of summer camp, Lise and her five-year-old brother, Free, head for Maine, the ocean and mom's childhood hometown. Feeling both resentment and genuine fear for her mother's physical debilities, Lise must adjust to the powerful sea, sand and a simple, lonely summer life. A renewed friendship between her mother and Dr. Michael, meeting Ben, an intriguing elderly Abenaki resident, and a terrifying hurricane all add to Lise's unexpected summer woes. The first-person narrative incorporates effective symbolism, using a deserted beach to bring out this protagonist's feelings of uncertainty in a new environment while lacking peer companionship. Yet, Lise experiences an awakening as she harbors her private concerns about a missing father and the mysterious muteness of her little brother. Like the ocean's dual beauty and danger, Lise realizes certain life situations are beyond control. Like Ben, she must have faith to live life as it comes. A heartfelt debut; a coming-of-age with a bit of pathos and a perilously climactic finale. (Fiction. 10-13)Read full book review >