Books by Kristen Chandler

THIEF OF HAPPY ENDINGS by Kristen Chandler
Released: June 19, 2018

"A thoughtful book apart from its well-intentioned blunders around diverse representations. (Fiction. 12-18)"
A teen is sent to a remote Wyoming horse camp to recover from the trauma of her parents' impending divorce. Read full book review >
GIRLS DON'T FLY by Kristen Chandler
Released: Oct. 13, 2011

"A sweet story that will appeal to romantics and birders alike. (Fiction. 12 & up)"
Kept grounded by her overworked parents, her very pregnant sister and four rambunctious younger brothers, Myra yearns to stretch her wings, but when presented with an opportunity to travel to the Galapagos Islands, she is not sure she has the courage to fly so far from home. Read full book review >
Released: May 13, 2010

"Despite their differing backgrounds, Virgil and KJ's up-and-down romance is one of emotional and intellectual equals, lending real strength to this environmentally themed rural twist on the typical suburban love story. (Fiction. YA)"
KJ, 16, has enviable wilderness skills honed by years of fishing and guiding tourists through Yellowstone National Park. Read full book review >