Books by Kristen Lepionka

THE STORIES YOU TELL by Kristen Lepionka
Released: July 9, 2019

"Lepionka's keen eye for integrating national news and technology into her developing characters' plotlines produces a story that's timely in more ways than one."
Things get much too personal when a private eye's brother is implicated in the disappearance of a local DJ. Read full book review >
WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE by Kristen Lepionka
Released: May 1, 2018

"This book doesn't have the dark creepiness that made Lepionka's series opener successful, but her characterization of her heroine's interpersonal relationships remains spot-on."
A routine case pulls a private eye into the criminal world when the woman she's been following is suddenly murdered. Read full book review >
THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK by Kristen Lepionka
Released: June 13, 2017

"Lepionka's debut confidently portrays complex characters with multiple, sometimes contradictory, motivations and offers an unusually naturalistic perspective on sexual identity."
A down-and-out private investigator works a case that takes her back to her own past. Read full book review >