Books by Kristen Lippert-Martin

INCOGNITA by Kristen Lippert-Martin
Released: Oct. 1, 2016

"This may make readers yearn for a do-over with a truly blank slate. (Thriller. 12-18)"
In this sequel to Tabula Rasa (2014), Lippert-Martin returns to her tale of a girl who's lost her memory but gained some extraordinary powers and the young hacker who fought a corrupt hospital establishment by her side. Read full book review >
TABULA RASA by Kristen Lippert-Martin
Released: Sept. 23, 2014

"A hard-hitting thriller that misses the mark when it comes to emotional impact. (Thriller. 12-18)"
After her memories are surgically erased, one teenage girl fights to recover her identity during a brutal attack on the hospital she's trapped in. Read full book review >