Books by Kristin Walker

Released: Feb. 4, 2010

"Trying the Knot" is the newest program at Fiona's school. For a year, each boy and girl in her senior class will be "married" and given a budget and marriage counseling. To Fiona's chagrin, she's matched with Todd, a total jerk. Fiona's best friend, Marcie, is paired with Johnny, whom Fiona doesn't know but finds she'd like to know better. Todd and Fiona's marriage begins with a series of verbal barbs and public pranks through which Todd comes to admire Fiona for her brains, and the platonic resolution follows believably. While Fiona and Marcie fight, they realize their friendship is stronger than boys or popularity. Walker keeps the focus tight on lovable, flawed Fiona, who relies on her wits and gains wisdom. The potential alienation of gay kids is acknowledged, but the author's focus is clearly on marriage as a partnership, and she hews to simplicity (and therefore heteronormativity) in making her point. Though the language is often salty, the action is mostly PG. This is an excellent balance of happily-ever-after romance, solid friendships and treatment of marriage as a serious commitment between two partners. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >