Books by Lalita Tademy

CITIZENS CREEK by Lalita Tademy
Released: Nov. 4, 2014

"Tamedy explores a forgotten trail of American history to find an intriguing tale of love, family and perseverance in the struggles of proud African Creeks."
In her third novel, Tademy (Red River, 2007, etc.) draws a tale of courage and family loyalty from a dark corner of American history.Read full book review >
RED RIVER by Lalita Tademy
Released: Jan. 3, 2007

"What starts as a page-turner becomes an overblown saga."
Bestselling author of Cane River (2001) brings another 19th-century family story, this one focused on the Colfax Massacre, the bloodiest battle of the Reconstruction era. Read full book review >
CANE RIVER by Lalita Tademy
Released: April 17, 2001

"Tademy's people are distinctive personalities, enough so to compensate for the slackening of narrative energy as the story moves into the 1930s. The result is a richly textured family saga that resonates with intelligence and empathy."
An accomplished first novel weaves fragments of real-life family lore into a vivid tale of four generations of African-American women struggling to hold their families together, first as slaves, then as freed people subject to Jim Crow laws and white vigilantism. Read full book review >