Books by Larry Heinemann

LARRY HEINEMANN is the author of three novels: Close Quarters (1977), one of the earliest novels of the Vietnam War; Paco's Story (1987), winner of the National Book Award; and Cooler by the Lake (1992). He lives in his native city of Chicago, Illinois.

Released: April 19, 2005

"An angry yet ultimately moving journal of the quest for closure many Vietnam vets may never find."
Writing of his return to Vietnam almost three decades after he went to war and came home "pissed off and ground down by a bottomless grief I could not right then begin to express," novelist Heinemann still vents rage and melancholia. Read full book review >
COOLER BY THE LAKE by Larry Heinemann
Released: May 1, 1992

"Passably diverting for a local magazine market, but, in covers, it reads at the same time over- and under-strenuous, flat, and simply unfunny."
Max Nutmeg is a very small-time Chicago con man, patriarch of a large and extended family of predictably lovable scuzzballs. Read full book review >