Books by Laura Zigman

Laura Zigman grew up in Newtonville, Massachusetts, and spent ten years working in the book publishing industry in New York. Her pieces have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today. She lives in Washington, D.C.

PIECE OF WORK by Laura Zigman
Released: Sept. 25, 2006

"A too-familiar story about the plight of working moms that lacks ingenuity and emotion."
Suburban mom trades the jungle gym for the urban jungle. Read full book review >
HER by Laura Zigman
Released: May 13, 2002

"Nothing new, and the recycling is graceless."
A slim, slight, mean-spirited tale of a woman's obsession with her fiancé's ex-fiancée, from the author of Dating Big Bird (2000), etc. Read full book review >
DATING BIG BIRD by Laura Zigman
Released: April 18, 2000

"Though Zigman's refusal to probe some of the deeper questions sometimes frustrates, her modern story of a woman on a baby quest is a worthy read, both well told and funny."
A year-in-the-life of a single, Manhattan career woman intent on making babies before her ovarian "gum-ball machine" dispenses its last egg: a tale that makes for laughs and touching moments—if little insight. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 2, 1998

"Zinging alone with deadeye depictions of men on the make as accurate as smart bombs, this is a riot to read—and also happens to make a great deal of sense."
The old ``let's just be friends'' routine breaks a TV talk- show talent scout's heart, but when opportunity knocks, she recovers enough to assume the infinitely more satisfying role of masked avenger: a wisecracking and wonderful romantic comedy, a first from exNew York book publicist Zigman. Read full book review >