Books by Laurali R. Wright

ACTS OF MURDER by Laurali R. Wright
Released: July 6, 1998

"But Wright (Strangers Among Us, 1996, etc.) turns it to magical use by her unexcelled gift of rooting acts of violence in the rhythms of everyday life and banal desires."
Ten years after coming home to her husband unexpectedly and seeing a spectral figure vanish from behind him as she fell down a flight of stairs, Mrs. O'Hara, now the best-known cleaning woman in Sechelt, is involved in an even darker mystery, as each of her client families is touched by murder. Read full book review >
STRANGERS AMONG US by Laurali R. Wright
Released: Dec. 5, 1996

"Not by a long shot the best of Alberg's dozen cases (Mother Love, 1995, etc.), but one of the most ruminative and touched with hope."
Why would teenager Eliot Gardener suddenly take a machete to his family as they toiled alongside him on a Sechelt beach, killing his father and mother and seriously wounding his beloved eight-year-old sister Rosie? Read full book review >
MOTHER LOVE by Laurali R. Wright
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

"If you have a taste for grownup demons looming out of the fog of memory, you can't do better than this wrenching tale from Canada's Ruth Rendell. (Author tour)"