Books by Lauren Mechling

HOW COULD SHE by Lauren Mechling
Released: June 25, 2019

"Not especially groundbreaking but emotionally astute; a pleasure."
Mechling's first novel for adults is a sharp dissection of the fraught dynamics of 30-something female friendship. Read full book review >
DREAM LIFE by Lauren Mechling
Released: Jan. 12, 2010

Buzzing with excitement but choppy in momentum, Claire Voyante's second outing features copious implausibilities set in the colorful playground of Manhattan. Black-and-white dream images help Claire solve mysteries—if she can determine which random details matter. Best friend Becca invites Claire into a tiny secret society of upper-crust teen girls doing underground deeds for the city and the mayor, so grandiose as to strain belief (clandestinely replacing a major Grand Central Station clock, for example). Now the Brooklyn Bridge has a faulty cable, and unless the Moons repair it, its protected historical status will disappear and developers will ruin the bridge's cityscape with tacky real estate. As escapism, the tale works well enough, flavored with real NYC settings and brand-name clothing—though as in Dream Girl (2008), Mechling still has designer-label-wearing Claire boggling at her friends' wealth. Logic-seekers won't understand why the plot-propelling secrets are secrets at all, and readers who enjoy solving puzzles will lament the lack of usable clues; however, fans of contemporary references (Whole Foods, FreshDirect, etc.) will enjoy the enthusiastic ride as it jolts fancifully along. (Fiction. 11-14)Read full book review >
DREAM GIRL by Lauren Mechling
Released: July 22, 2008

After a strained beginning, this faux-glamour, almost-realistic novel picks up charm galore. Claire Voyante has vivid dream visions of no consequence—the visions' details appear later in real life but lead nowhere. Until, that is, she makes a new friend who's in danger. At glum Henry Hudson High in New York City, Claire's lonely and new and bullied by an ex-friend, so she latches on to Becca, a funky-dressing "ketchup heiress." Oddly, Becca's wealth dazzles Claire despite Claire's weekly visits to her own rich former-socialite grandmother, who resides at the Waldorf-Astoria and passes down high-fashion name-brand gowns. Grandma Kiki's gift of a cameo necklace brings Claire's visions into starker clarity. She steps neatly into a detective role, jet-sets to Paris and London and exposes a mole who's placing the ketchup royalty (Becca's family) in great danger. Although the slight fantasy element (the clairvoyance) feels awkwardly extraneous, Claire's offbeat family and lighthearted mystery-adventure—with romance included—are abundantly appealing. (Fiction. 11-14)Read full book review >
Released: May 30, 2005

A Texas teen moves to New York and learns the hard way that honesty is the best policy when you're climbing the social ladder. After her parents separate, Mimi Schulman, "daddy's girl to the core," leaves Houston to live with her lonely, bewildered father in Brooklyn Heights and starts her sophomore year at Baldwin High, a progressive prep school where the "Coolies" reign as the class's most eccentric and popular girls. When Mimi's childhood friend Sam warns her there is no way a new girl from Texas could ever fit in with this elite group, she bets him she will be one of the Coolies by semester's end and sets out to infiltrate the kooky crowd. Obsessed with the Coolies and their fast-paced, trendy, outrageous round of parties, drinking and drugs, Mimi gradually discovers they are real girls with real problems underneath the glitz, glam and Goth. But just as Mimi thinks she has won her bet, she comes close to losing her friends and herself. Offbeat and worldly wise. (Fiction. 13-15) Read full book review >