Books by Laurence Klavan

WASTELAND by Susan Kim
Released: March 26, 2013

"While Esther grows as a character and the story comes to an actual conclusion, the narrative shortcuts spoil the impact; whether readers stick around for the next two books is an open question. (Post-apocalyptic romance. 14-17)"
This trilogy opener imagines a post-apocalyptic, adult-free world in which the life expectancy is 19, due to desertification and disease. Read full book review >
BRAIN CAMP by Susan Kim
Released: Aug. 1, 2010

"Smart, disgusting fun. (Graphic suspense. 13 & up)"
Ever wonder what would happen if the men of Stepford conferred with evil aliens and decided to open a summer camp? Read full book review >
CITY OF SPIES by Susan Kim
Released: May 1, 2010

"A nice mix of espionage, romance and adventure, this well-paced, well-drawn tale will surely appeal to thoughtful young readers. (Graphic historical fiction. 12 & up)"
With World War II at its height, fledgling cartoonist Evelyn is embroiled on the homefront in what appears to be a German conspiracy in this retro-tinged graphic novel. Read full book review >
THE SHOOTING SCRIPT by Laurence Klavan
Released: March 1, 2005

"Think It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World of Movie Trivia and you'll know right away whether you want to look further."
Another madcap adventure for the self-described "trivial man," a specialist in finding hopelessly lost films. Read full book review >
THE CUTTING ROOM by Laurence Klavan
Released: Feb. 3, 2004

"The hectic, overstuffed caper is larded with nuggets of irrelevant movie trivia readers may well find fascinating—or grating."
Librettist Klavan's first novel under his own name (previously: Margaret Tracy, <\I>Mrs. White, 1983) stars a trivia buff in a madcap search for the Holy Grail of missing movies. Read full book review >