Books by Lea Carpenter

RED, WHITE, BLUE by Lea Carpenter
Released: Aug. 23, 2018

"Employing a failed spy operation as the backdrop for a young woman's search for identity, Carpenter's mesmerizing follow-up to her acclaimed war novel, Eleven Days (2013), is as deeply affecting as it is razor-sharp."
The day before Anna's wedding in Switzerland, her powerfully connected, globe-trotting father mysteriously dies on a ski slope. It's only after his death that she learns just how deep the mysteries around him run. Read full book review >
ELEVEN DAYS by Lea Carpenter
Released: June 19, 2013

"Though clinical at first glance, this well-turned story packs plenty of emotion. Among the smartest of the batch of recent American war novels."
A mother considers the fate of her son, a Navy SEAL, with equal measures of intellect and heartbreak in this debut. Read full book review >