Books by Lee Edwards

Released: March 26, 2013

"Despite the author's obvious bias, the Heritage Foundation is undeniably influential, and political operatives of any stripe will gain insight into how the place works courtesy of these pages."
Bird's-eye view of the right-wing powerhouse that brought us Reaganomics, the Contract with America and the tea party. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1999

"Readers who share Edwards's assumptions and dislike subtle analyses that might challenge them will find this book an enjoyable read and an essential history of recent American politics."
An unabashedly ideological political history by a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Read full book review >
GOLDWATER by Lee Edwards
Released: Aug. 1, 1995

"Required reading for Goldwater aficionados, and useful for students of contemporary American politics of whatever stripe. (8 pages b&w photos)"
Edwards, a Goldwater campaign veteran and professor of politics at the Catholic University of America, offers an anecdote- rich portrait of the intellectual and practical godfather of modern American conservatism. Read full book review >