Books by Leon Rosselson

WHERE'S MY MOM? by Leon Rosselson
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

When the little boy that stars in this pleasant, partially rhyming tale wakes from his nap, he discovers that his mother is missing. So he begins a hunt that leads him all over the house and beyond. Where can she be? Is she in the drawer? The fridge? In the box with all his toys? Out in the yard? In the shed? In the bathtub? His search, illustrated with lighthearted watercolors in pale, washy tones, is finally rewarded when he discovers her fast asleep in her very own bed. Of course, he wakes her up and asks her to do all the things that moms do so well: paint him pictures, play games with him, make him a snack, and give him a hug. Words and pictures complement each other here to create a nice story that subtly manages to defuse the common anxiety children harbor about being separated from Mom. (Picture book. 3+) Read full book review >