Books by Leonie Worthington

WHO’S YAWNING? by David Bedford
Released: July 1, 2009

Bright yellow endpapers enclose this lift-the-flap book in which a questioning pachyderm asks, "Who's yawning?" The format is an acknowledged child-pleaser, but there is a fatal flaw to the execution here. If a cat was yawning, it would not say "Miaa-aa-oo-www!" If a horse was yawning, it would not say "Nnn-ee-iii-gh!" That is speaking or making a sound. A yawn takes in air and lets it out and pretty much sounds and looks alike for animals and humans, and any child who's spent time with a pet already knows this. This bedtime story eventually finds all the animals awake and the elephant sleeping with a "SSSSSShhh!" Worthington's illustrations are bright and include clues around the flap to guess the animal underneath, although the flap edge is not always well-integrated into the picture beneath, resulting in some oddly chopped-off limbs and leaves. This overtly appealing concept book gives young readers the repetition they love, the fun of a guessing-game and a bedtime plot, but the chosen verb "yawning" makes all the animal noises a cacophony of errors. (Picture book. 3-5) Read full book review >
TIME FOR BED, ISOBEL by David Bedford
Released: Feb. 1, 2008

This Australian import reworks the overused theme of toddler bedtime resistance. Little panda Isobel doesn't want to go to sleep but rather wishes to stay with Mum. Mum obliges by spending time in Isobel's room, doing exercises, tidying up, reading and finally, from sheer exhaustion, falling asleep in the child's warm bed. But what about Isobel? All the distraction only causes her to stay even more awake until the quiet of her mother's slumber and the need to fit in the bed with her prompts a final acquiescence for catching some much needed winks. Not the best role model to follow if little ones are being trained to spend some quiet time alone before dozing off. Still, the colorfully cheerful watercolors of a happy mama and child panda set amidst the pink and purple of a little girl's bedroom add familiarity to the nighttime ritual. Additional stock for the plethora of books about bedtime. (Picture book. 2-4)Read full book review >