Books by Lesley Grant-Adamson

WISH YOU WERE HERE by Lesley Grant-Adamson
Released: April 9, 1996

"A cunningly understated nightmare, artificial and inexorable as a chess problem."
Determined to avoid the oppressive chatter of the fellow bookstore clerk who's insisting that she and he take their vacations together, Linda Conway makes up a story about visiting Italy with a friend—then drives off alone to the north of England, straight into the velvet clutches of Tom Hoby. Read full book review >
DANGEROUS GAMES by Lesley Grant-Adamson
Released: Feb. 19, 1995

"Grant-Adamson (Too Many Questions, 1991, etc.) makes Patricia Highsmith's stories about that equally plausible scoundrel Tom Ripley seem positively boisterous."
Already wanted for questioning by the British police in a murder inquiry, languidly parasitic American Jim Rush is passing the time on the Caribbean island of St. Read full book review >
THEATENING EYE by Lesley Grant-Adamson
Released: March 16, 1989

Grant-Adamson (Guilty Knowledge) tries something tricky here—a Ruth Rendell-ish teaser with the psycho-culprit front and center—but the result is actually less provocative than irritating and ultimately dullish. Read full book review >