Books by Linard Bardill

Released: March 1, 2001

A story of such gentleness that it really deserves to be called a lullaby, though there is no nighty-night involved. What there is, though, is the great golden thing that Bramble Bear has glimpsed. It caught him so by surprise that he didn't really get a good look at it before he rushed off to tell Gimli what he had seen. Gimli is a magician with a wonderful well in his backyard, a well that loves the flowers Gimli gives to it as thanks each springtime (for there are no flowers across the land at any other time of year). Gimli tries to coax from Bramble Bear more details about the great golden thing. Ultimately, they decide it is "a great golden thing that flies yet rests on a leg that is green and stands on the ground." There is nothing to do but go see the thing, so off they set and meet their friend Hopple Hare on the way, who joins the investigation. They are stopped short by Brindle Bear, who announces that her sunflower is most likely what they are after, a flower she nourishes from Gimli's spring. They are disappointed at first, but decide that it will be enjoyable to see the flower anyway. They go and offer the flower a little dance, then gather some fallen petals to bring back to the spring. The art has a certain galumphing quality—Brindle and Bramble look like they could have just come from Jellystone Park—but it also has a dreamy softness that goes perfectly well with the mild, peaceable tale. (Picture book. 4-6) Read full book review >