Books by Linda Capus Riley

Released: Jan. 19, 1996

The host of a long-running Philadelphia children's show and a journalist have teamed up to write a breezy, informative book describing how television shows are produced and broadcast. Using a magazine-like format (paragraphs are scattered around the page among cartoonish illustrations rather than organized into regular columns), the authors begin with a simple explanation of how television works and cover satellite and cable transmission, programming and ratings, studio and location shooting, technical production, and likely future developments. There is no mention of the concerns that have been raised about the effects of violent or otherwise meretricious TV programming nor about the correlations that have been made between increased viewing and decreased academic performance. The scattershot format makes the text difficult to follow sequentially; there are no visual clues to guide readers around the page (nor is there a table of contents or index). However, for those with the patience to reorganize the pages on their own, there is a great deal of information here, much of it surprising. (chronology) (Picture book/nonfiction. 7-11) Read full book review >
AQUARIUM by Linda Capus Riley
Released: Sept. 1, 1993

Planning, constructing, stocking, and maintaining the N.J. State Aquarium at Camden (one of the largest in the country), which took seven years to construct and cost over $52,000,000. Without access to fresh seawater, the aquarium makes its own ``seasoup'' a batch at a time with 160,000 pounds of table salt plus nearly 100,000 pounds of other chemicals. Most interesting are the quotes, from scientists, scuba divers, and others involved in the aquarium's construction and daily work; Riley stresses the importance of careful management of sea resources and study of the sea as the final frontier. Presented as a journal, her narrative is somewhat choppy and difficult to follow. Color photos are plentiful but uncaptioned, and sometimes poorly placed. Segaloff's Reef Comes To Life(1991) tells a similar story with greater clarity and more striking photos. Of special interest to those who live in or near New Jersey. Brief glossary; index. (Nonfiction. 10-12) Read full book review >