Books by Linda Granfield

Released: Nov. 1, 2001

"But many will find the biographies of their grandparents and great-grandparents in this study. (Nonfiction. 9-11)"
At one time, the Lower East Side of New York City was said to have greater population density than any other city on earth. Read full book review >
CIRCUS by Linda Granfield
Released: March 1, 1998

"An exceptional resource, with appeal beyond a young audience; almost everyone will find something new here. (index) (Nonfiction. 10+)"
Granfield (Cowboy, 1994, etc.) takes on the circus with this jam-packed informational book, first published in Canada, and its abundant full-color illustrations and reproductions. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1996

"That it is also a beautiful book only expands its appeal. (Picture book/nonfiction. 8+)"
The 16 lines John McCrae wrote following a friend's death in the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915 survived and flourished in the insanity of WW I, and in this work, continue to evince the same sturdy beauty as do the scarlet poppies blowing in Flanders fields. Read full book review >
COWBOY by Linda Granfield
Released: March 1, 1994

"Bibliography; index. (Nonfiction. 11-13)"
An affectionate tribute to cowboys, in myth and reality, including descriptions of their dress, lingo (``cowboyspeak''), work, and play as well as sketchy accounts of famous lawmen, outlaws, authors, artists, and movie stars, all illustrated with sheaves of contemporary photos, advertisements, and other illustrations. Read full book review >