Books by Linda Leopold Strauss

Released: Feb. 1, 2017

"A girl finds wonderful answers to her Passover questions in this sympathetic tale that will resonate with many families. (Picture book. 4-7)"
Passover is a time of traditional observance, but this year could be different for a young girl. Read full book review >
BEST FRIENDS PRETEND by Linda Leopold Strauss
Released: Jan. 28, 2014

"Toddlers and preschoolers will use these pretend ideas as a springboard to all sorts of adventures of their own conjuring. (Board book. 2-5)"
This cheerful celebration of imagination introduces two little girls—the best of friends—who like nothing better than to pretend. Read full book review >
THE ELIJAH DOOR by Linda Leopold Strauss
Released: April 1, 2012

"The prudent message that all Jews are one family rings out clearly and joyfully. (Picture book/religion. 5-8)"
A foolish argument creates a feud that can only be resolved through a wisely engineered pretense. Read full book review >
THE PRINCESS GOWN by Linda Leopold Strauss
Released: Sept. 1, 2008

No princess-loving reader could resist this lovely confection. But beyond the pretty dresses to gaze upon, a well-crafted and thoughtful story keeps the pages turning as well. Hanna's father, a tailor who aspires to be "Embroiderer to the Princess," enters his wedding dress in a kingdom-wide contest. The family has gone into debt creating the masterpiece, and if it doesn't win, Hanna's mother says that the family will end up in the poorhouse. The night before the contest, Hanna discovers a spot on the dress that may or may not have been her fault. Everyone panics, but Hanna and her grandmother discover a unique way to cover it, by embroidering the princess's favorite animal, a squirrel, on the corner of the dress. Not only does the dress win, but the style becomes all the rage. The entertaining plot, inspired by an actual event, supports themes of rising above mistakes, creativity and courage. Laugesen's soft, sweeping artwork, especially of all the dresses, is practically edible. A tale fit for a princess, or at least an aspiring one. (Picture book. 4-6) Read full book review >
A FAIRY CALLED HILARY by Linda Leopold Strauss
Released: April 15, 1999

A very funny little book about a fairy and the family she elects to live with after they confess they believe in her. On a perfectly normal Sunday, as Caroline and her parents are motoring off to the Natural History Museum, a fairy who calls herself Hilary suddenly appears and asks to join them. She joins the family, too, looking like an ordinary child and behaving like one, at least until Caroline coaxes her into a little fairy magic. She gives the family cat, King Arthur, the power to talk, and makes him invisible so he can go to school with the girls. Her magic makes Halloween a little more wondrous, and helps the girls construct the biggest snowman ever. When they're invited to a birthday party that features a lame magician, Hilary give him a hand, secretly, and he outperforms himself. A dour plane trip turns into a glorious one with Hilary's aid, while her work in Caroline's mother's garden makes other gardeners jealous. In her wonderful frolic, Strauss mingles ordinary events and enchantment with ease; the fun is complemented by charmingly droll black-and-white drawings. (Fiction. 7-11) Read full book review >