Books by Linda M. Blum

Released: March 13, 2015

"A valuable contribution to the national dialogue on health care and education, told through the voices of the mothers whose children's futures should be of concern to all of us."
Blum (Sociology/Northeastern Univ.; At the Breast: Ideologies of Breastfeeding and Motherhood in the Contemporary United States, 1999 etc.) addresses how demands on women have escalated and increasing numbers of maladjusted children are diagnosed with mental disabilities. Read full book review >
Released: May 17, 1999

"For the modern feminist, Blum concludes, the choice between the bottle or the breast should proceed from a careful assessment of the woman's own needs and desires."
Relying on a descriptive, sociological approach, the author surveys attitudes toward breastfeeding across time periods (from the 18th to the end of the 20th centuries) and social groups, focusing in turn on white middle-class, white working-class, and black mothers. Read full book review >