Books by Linda Williams

HORSE IN THE PIGPEN by Linda Williams
Released: April 1, 2002

Something funny is afoot on the farm, but mom doesn't have time to listen in this pleasing pastoral romp. Previously teamed in The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (1986), collaborators Williams and Lloyd capture all the frantic activity with a humorous juxtaposition of words and images. "Heeey, Ma," says the girl. "Horse is in the pigpen, rollin' in the slop." The horse dominates the opening spread; in the background, displaced pigs trample the chicken wire that guards the hen house. "Tell it to the pigs, dear. It's time for me to mop," is mom's only response. Vignettes show the girl trying to figure out what to do. Following her mother's advice, she discovers that the "hens are in the doghouse, gnawin' on a bone." The pattern repeats throughout as the girl bears witness to a series of strange occurrences. It's only when the girl threatens to spend the night in the barn (because "Daisy" the cow is asleep in her bed) that mom responds. "Heeey, NO! Go and fetch the broom now! I'll straighten up this farm." In the first of three wordless double-paged spreads, Ma sweeps Daisy out with a flourish. The cow lands in the corner of the next spread, setting off a chain reaction that ends with the horse galloping off the page. Finally, all the animals are in their place as night falls on the farm. The rhythm and repetition of Williams's text make this an enjoyable read-aloud; cleverly detailed and often outlandish illustrations make it a visual treat. (Picture book. 3-6)Read full book review >