Books by Linzi West

MOMMY, MOMMY, WHAT’S IN YOUR TUMMY? by Sarah Simpson-Enock
Released: April 1, 2009

The glut of new-baby picture books intended for the four-and-older set often leaves parents of younger children scrambling to find appropriate fare. This British import seeks to fill that need, combining the unexpected surprises lurking in a mommy's tummy with all the fun of lift-the-flap books. Rather than display the baby at various stages of its growth, however, rhyming text displays various guesses as to what lurks in mommy's midriff. One guess is, "A round red balloon?" followed by, "Is there enough room?" when the flap is lifted to reveal the object floating in mommy's bulging middle. The final flap reveals the true denizen of the tummy with, "It's our new baby!" West's brightly colored pictures, presenting a series of tummies clad in a variety of maternity tops, accompany the bouncy, sometimes oddly chosen text. A tad confusing for the smallest of small fry, but kids who already understand what's actually in mommy's tum are sure to enjoy this interactive guessing game of the maternal persuasion. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 15, 2007

In this unique and extremely helpful look at colors, Pirotta tells the story of Patrick and his aunt, out in a field, painting pictures. Each double spread establishes a new color through the addition of creatures seen by the painting duo. Each time an animal is presented, Aunt Emily asks Patrick what color they will need to paint the object, then adding that color to their palette. The end of the book shows a number of color combinations and how artists can arrive at them. The chart starts with the three primary colors on top with the additions necessary to make colors such as orange, pink, purple and so on. West's illustrations are child-friendly, jolly and colorful. The pages on the right are positively drenched in color, while the left pages that feature text use a large font for the color being introduced on each spread. This is one of those books where one wonders why it has not been done before: It is a non-didactic, festive introduction to primary colors and the colors created by combining them. A must for every library serving toddlers and teachers. (Picture book. 3-7)Read full book review >