Books by Lisa Jones

Released: April 1, 1994

A provocative, biting and often entertaining collection of essays by a Village Voice columnist who explores black identity and the ``politics of style.'' A ``Bulletproof diva,'' writes Jones (a playwright and co- author of three of Spike Lee's movie-making books), has ``lip and nerve'' and she makes tart columns out of what could be coffee talk: ``my slave name,'' black men who flaunt their infidelity, the dramas (and politics) of hair care, the ``butt revolution...brought to you by black music, designer jeans and MTV.'' A feminist and artist, Jones explores the aspirations of her post-civil-rights-era middle-class urban peers, and has seen enough of the country to tell race tales of Utah and of Minneapolis, where ``jungle fever'' works only for white women. Read full book review >