Books by L.M. Falcone

Released: April 1, 2015

"Introduce Max to budding detectives or children who like to laugh as they read. (Mystery. 6-10)"
Max and his great-uncle Larry, who just happens to be a bumbling ghost and a formerly unsuccessful detective, solve their second case in this accessible chapter-book series. Read full book review >
THE MAGIC BOX by L.M. Falcone
Released: Sept. 1, 2014

"Young investigators will appreciate this accessible mystery, and they'll look forward to the next title, The Missing Zucchini (2014). (Mystery. 6-10)"
A ghostly (but not scary) new chapter-book mystery series kicks off. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2010

Multiple ghosts and confusing chronology muddle this tale of two children left to roam an old mansion they're about to inherit while their mother is parked somewhere in suspended animation. (Or maybe not, as she reappears at the end, oblivious to the fact that days have seemingly passed.) Not only is Blaxston Manor a bewildering tangle of arbitrarily numbered stairways and dusty rooms, but as fraternal twins Charlie and Lacey discover, at least three ghosts haunt the premises: an angry poltergeist who lays a silly curse on Charlie (he has to sleep in water or he'll shrivel into a mummy), a young would-be burglar who died of fright decades before and a friendly tour guide who walks through walls but can also, paradoxically, put away a hearty breakfast. Fortunately there's a village psychic to help with the curse….unfortunately the plot is so weighted with contrivances and shredded with gaps in logic that it falls apart. (Ghost story. 10-12) Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 2005

A lightning strike and a reanimated corpse make for an unusually lively Halloween in this hilariously headlong caper. When the ancient Greek mummy in his father's basement museum of oddities gets up and begs for help, Alex and his more-loyal-than-bright sidekick Freddie not only find themselves tackling a brutal local bully, but also taking unexpected trips. First, they go to the Underworld for encounters with Charon, Hades and various monsters; then to Greece, on a mission to change the past by rescuing an infant prince. Stirring a few Dantean details and themes into her mythological tour, Falcone equips Alex with both a working cell phone, so that he can call home for background information, and an active conscience that may sometimes get him into pickles, but also keeps him in dogged pursuit of the Right Thing To Do. With plenty of misadventures along the way, Alex and Freddie surmount numerous challenges to their courage and cleverness, ultimately sending the restless shade on its way to the Elysian Fields, and returning to their own time—and a conveniently chastened bully—as heroes. A delight for Time Warp Trio fans. (Fiction. 10-12)Read full book review >